JMG Fresh Processing And Distributing

JMG Fresh is a sister concern of JMG HK LLC. Since its inception, JMG Fresh has believed in hygienic and sustainable products, healthy trade, and made it a part of their core values at work. Quality, delivery security, social responsibility, and respect for nature are the cornerstones of JMG Fresh’s business, which is going to make it one of the esteemed seafood processing companies in Bangladesh. 

Our Own Fishing vessel

Our own three fishing ships have been operating in the Bay of Bengal for many years and have become a mainstay in the industry. The first is the large Cargo, which is equipped with state-of-the-art netting technology and is capable of catching up to several tons of fish each day. The second is the smaller, more agile longliner which is ideal for trolling and working the waters for smaller fish. Finally, the third is the purse seiner, which is equipped with a large net that is lowered around a school of fish, allowing it to capture larger amounts in a single haul.





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